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The right question to ask is rather “how much do I want to spend?”

The best approach is agreeing on a broad budget and doing an ESTIMATE ITEMIZED LIST OF WORKS. Then work on such a LIST to fit it to your personal budget. Each item on that list is important as, for example, finishing materials may sometime make over 50% of the total cost.

So the answer to the question above basically depends on the choices made during the planning phase and project making. A big help to lower costs can come from your direct purchase of finishing materials like tiles, floors, windows, doors, etc.

RENOVACASA offers you an assistance to direct purchase of supplies and some special discounts from our commercial partners.

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Ristrutturare casa con RENOVACASA, è il nuovo metodo per ristrutturare la tua casa. Ristrutturazioni e lavori edili a Roma.Scopri il nuovo metodo per ristrutturare casa.
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