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A well done renovation comes,firstly, from careful planning and correct implementation.

Conceiving and implementing renovation works of your house without taking risks and averting anxieties is possible if you are properly advised. RENOVACASA will assist you through YOUR decision making process every step of the way to ensure that your home your lifestyle, personality and budget.

The 5 Steps to deal with a renovation correctly:

We start with a GRAPHIC PROJECT containing both the present condition of the house and how you would like to see it at the end of the work.
The more specific the project is, the more simple it will be to know an idea of the costs and the time necessary for the renovation.
RENOVACASA gives you the possibility to select among several project choices to meet the one that better fits with your needs.

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To estimate the costs and the time for the renovation it is important to have an itemized list of the works needed to realize the project. This list has to be as the most specific as possible so that it will be easier to compare the various estimates that RENOVACASA will provide to you for every part of the renovation. This will allow you to make the choices that are most appropriate for your needs.

Choosing the materials is a key part of the renovation process and these must often be ordered before the actual beginning of the works to ensure a timely renovation.RENOVACASA offers you the possibility to have some discounts on the materials you’ll choose and to have someone by your side always ready to advice you on the best choices for your needs and budget.

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A number of legal obligations need to be met when renovating your house in Italy. These include the communication of your project to the City Hall and the appointment of a technical project manager responsible vis-à-vis the Government. A coordinator for safety will need to be appointed as well. The execution of the work will need to be communicated to the responsible Labour and Health offices. Following the relevant norms and procedures will allow you avert sanctions as well as ensure the right future resale value of the property by having all the needed paperwork in place.

RENOVACASA provides you with the necessary professional assistance for the efficient completion of all these procedures.

Thanks to all the previous steps, execution phase will flow easily and safely, respecting the planned costs and schedule.
RENOVACASA will offer you an exclusive and very competitive quotation of the works, one that is specifically fitted to your needs, lifestyle, personality and budget.

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Ristrutturare casa con RENOVACASA, è il nuovo metodo per ristrutturare la tua casa. Ristrutturazioni e lavori edili a Roma.Scopri il nuovo metodo per ristrutturare casa.

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